Meet Me

I’m typically overdressed.  My nails are always manicured.  Every blister on my heel is worth it.  If you’re ever on the same road as me you’ll see my shrinking tail lights while hearing me belt out a Jay-Z song.  If I like it, it works. I consistently grow my sisters collection of Milkware and Kelly Wearstler books.  I have a parent from each side of the Mediterranean.  I’ve had the same hairstyle since I was 11.  I take risks and challenge myself.  I demanded that my 10th Birthday party be held at the Ritz Carlton.  I’m most productive at 4 am.  I could bake and eat cupcakes everyday.  There are only 4 people in the world that can look at my facial expression and know exactly what I’m thinking.  Every aspect of my career somehow circulates back to accessories.  If I could lunch with one person living, it would be Cameron Silver.  I appreciate people who think for themselves and have more confidence than Kanye West.  I faithfully read Women’s Wear Daily.  I never check my voicemail.  I order both a latte and a lemonade from Starbucks most times.  For me, jewel tones and metallics live together in perfect harmony.  Accessories make the outfit and the home.  Attention to detail is paramount.  Art and self-expression are supreme.  Anne Delllo Russo’s impeccable taste never fails me.  Oh … and I always have a STACKED WRIST.